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Peer Education Virtual Leadership Weekend

April 9-10, 2021

Our Peer Education Leadership weekend during the Meeting of the Minds spring training series features three live leadership keynote sessions and live and recorded breakout session content. During April 9-10, peer educators and their advisors will gather virtually to advance their understanding of health and well-being issues on campus and how to implement evidence-based interventions to address key health concerns on campus.

Our leadership weekend will feature the following live keynote addresses:

Pursuing Passion and Achieving Fulfillment: From the Classroom to the Boardroom and Beyond

Presenter: Kyle Ali, Global Chairman of the Black Googler Network


Kyle Ali is an advocate for equal educational and workforce opportunities and has excelled as an identifier, cultivator, and developer of diverse talent. At Google, Kyle leads a team of recruiters responsible for identifying, engaging, and developing diverse student talent through the Building Opportunities for Leadership Development internship program. As Global Chairman of the Black Googler Network, Kyle lives out his commitment to inclusion through collaboration with senior leaders on initiatives focused on improving the company’s racial and gender climate. In the Austin business community, Kyle advises professionals on strategy through workshops focused on interest-based negotiation and regularly lends his expertise to companies as a panelist or facilitator on topics ranging from allyship in action to recruiting and retaining millennials. Kyle is actively engaged in several civic pursuits that support youth of color in Texas, including his work as a board member at Austin based LifeWorks and Building Opportunities and Opening Minds (BOOM) in Dallas.

Social Scripting Is a Primary Prevention Tool

Presenter: Olivia Harris, Speak About It, Inc.


Speak About It has worked with over 100 colleges and universities in 28 states, including Missouri. Speak About It offers students tools to communicate clearly and effectively with partners and intervene in potentially unsafe situations to keep their community safe. Though we are not experts in mental health or substance use, in the last decade we have learned about the intersections of rape culture, alcohol, mental health, and consent. Olivia Harris, the Executive Director, will offer a Keynote to address what makes good communication, factors that impact effective communication, and the value of social scripting as an education and prevention tool. Alcohol can be a driver of sexual predation. At a Northeastern university that is representative of our partners, 73% of survivors who responded to the Campus Climate Survey reported that the perpetrator consumed alcohol before nonconsensual intercourse. Among the myriad reasons that young people choose to drink and have sex, they are often looking to lower their inhibitions and express their desires in a culture that silences sexual conversations. If a person doesn’t know how to talk about sex while sober, they definitely won’t know how to do so when intoxicated. We know that young people are choosing to consume alcohol and other drugs and have sex, regardless of the law, so we encourage students to speak openly about their experiences and desires. Clear, respectful communication is the single greatest factor in all healthy relationships, whether or not they are sexual. Expressing desires effectively means you must know what you want, make it clear to your partner, listen to their desires, and be able to hear “no.” Communication is impacted by culture and power dynamics, but the skills we (and many others) teach can be applied across different contexts.

Tools for YOU to make a difference

Presenter: Linda C. Hancock FNP, Ph.D.


Students give a lot to our campuses so they deserve our best in return. This session will provide practical tools for understanding and addressing all substances- alcohol, cannabinoids, nicotine and other drugs. The most effective prevention, early intervention and recovery support concepts will be shared. Join us to do some real-time polling via cell phone with other students.

Leadership Weekend Schedule

April 9

April 10