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For Presenters

For those chosen or invited as speakers during the 2021 Meeting of the Minds Training Series, this page gives helpful information about your role as a presenter at the conference. Please check back often as we add new resources and helpful information for presenters.

Format for the Virtual Training Series

We will be using Crowd Compass as our app for the conference. Each of our live sessions will be presented in zoom. Please ensure that you have zoom on the device you will use to present and all settings are updated. Please familiarize yourself with the settings of zoom (mute, screen sharing, etc). If you wish to practice before your session, please email Joan Masters to set up a 15 minute demonstration/practice. We anticipate presenters will have access to Crowd Compass the week of February 22.

Introductory Slides and Training Series Staff Support

The staff of Missouri Partners in Prevention and Missouri ETU will serve as the hosts/producers of each of the sessions, responsible for introductory slides regarding CEUs, use of zoom, etc. We will also monitor the chat and assist with audio/video controls. We will give our speakers the ability to screen share from their devices. The introductory slides will be provided to speakers before February 26 if you wish to include them in your presentation.

Recording of Live Content

All sessions will be recorded and put on crowd compass for MOM registrants to view over the nine week series and six months following. If you do not wish to have your session recorded or need us to edit the session to not include certain content, please let Joan Masters know in advance.

Zoom and PowerPoint Backgrounds

We have developed these zoom backgrounds for those who are interested in using them. There is no requirement to do so, but they are here for your use. Note: To use, please ensure you aren’t projecting the mirror image of yourself or the logos will be backwards.

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