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Sponsorship and On-line/in-app advertising for the Meeting of the Minds Training Series

In order for your sponsorship advertisement to be included for the full nine weeks of content, please submit this form by February 15th 2021.

Meeting of the Minds is a regional prevention and health education conference for college and university peer educators, their advisors, administrators, and campus and community law enforcement. However, due to COVID-19, we are unable to gather in person. Therefore, this year the Meeting of the Minds Conference is sponsoring a nine week training series, featuring 5 tracks, a leadership weekend for peer educators and their advisors, and a Fraternity/Sorority Life Leadership Day. During this time, we will be hosting all events of the training series in our online conference app. In lieu of an in-person event where we could offer an exhibitor area and advertisement in the program booklet, this year, we are offering advertising space in our conference app.

During each live session of the training series, the session host will direct attendees to view the sponsorships in the app. For one low rate of $150, you will have advertising reach to over 400 attendees for nine weeks. The sponsorship page includes opportunities to include any information you want to share with attendees, including a video file!


Click here to access the sponsor registration form!

Sponsorship fee: $150

Terms and Conditions

Cancellation and Refund Policy

The Meeting of the Minds may cancel or postpone any event or activity because of insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances. If a program is cancelled or postponed, the Meeting of the Minds will refund sponsorship fee.

Training Series dates: March 4-May 7

Terms, Conditions, and Purposes of a Commercial Exhibit at a Continuing Education Event

This activity is for educational purposes only and will not promote any proprietary interest of an exhibiting organization (Exhibitor).

The Individual Activity Applicant is responsible for all decisions related to the educational activity including:

All funds or other support associated with this activity will be given with the full knowledge and consent of the Individual Activity Applicant. No other funds from the Exhibitor will be paid to the program director, faculty/speakers, or other individuals involved with this educational activity.

Exhibitors may not exhibit, promote or sell products or services during the introduction of an educational activity, which the educational activity takes places or at the conclusion of an educational activity, regardless of the format of the educational activity.

Marketing or advertisement of exhibits, promotions or sales may not be included within educational activity consent (e.g., slides, handouts, enduring materials) and must take place in a location that is physically separated from the area where educational content is delivered.