Toxic Masculinity

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Toxic masculinity have become buzzwords in today’s topics of conversations. It is always used in a negative way and many generalizations and assumptions are made about it. In this discussion, Greg will discuss the origins of the term as well as the origins and causes of toxic masculinity. We will discuss healthy male traits vs unhealthy male traits and ways to change how society conditions young boys to prevent future episodes of the “man menace” and how to help men today move from unhealthy to healthy behaviors.

About the Presenter

Greg Holtmeyer, Executive Director of The Phoenix Project, is an educator, advocate, and survivor. His passion is to create awareness concerning the devastating effects of childhood sexual abuse. Greg created The Phoenix Project to offer hope, education, support, and inspiration for those who are on their healing journey from sexual and physical abuse. He has done presentations for small community based organizations to large state wide and national organizations. He gives voice and attention to the many male victims of sexual crimes who are waiting for support and understanding. People that have attended one of his presentations have used the words "powerful speaker", makes this difficult topic approachable", "provides hope for recovery to those who have suffered", "very privileged to have the opportunity to hear your story", and "very mature and articulate in his message.”

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